Try MY t beginning

Once there was Darrah, and now there is only my Mom Dawn.

Here’s my story. My aunt gave me her iced tea recipe as a way to make extra money while a Fine Arts college student in Los Angeles. I created Try MY T in 2015 with my parents financial support. I graduated 2017 and pursued my career in sculpture. My venture became my Mom’s. Try MY T story is simple:



In 2015 couple of years ago, my aunt gave me my favorite iced tea recipe to make ends meet while in college. After all, my parents kept telling me their bank was closed so I sold cups of tea at parks, at school, at local events. My Mom was right there with me. Little did we know. I’m a true millennial. After graduation, I have pursued my passion to build installations as an artist, so my brilliant Mom Dawn reluctantly took Try MY T over. She has built the brand into something I could never imagine it would be.

Try My T Name

We began to sample and sell the iced tea at events, festivals and in my community. I would ask everyone passing by my table, even little kids, “Will you Try MY T?”

The answer was always “Sure!” This is how the name “Try MY T” came about. The reaction and response has been overwhelming. Many of the people who sampled would sip, turn around and ask, “What is this?” or do “ Double takes after sampling.

Or say


People First

Then customers would buy and ask where they could buy it! This makes our journey so fulfilling and so happy when people Try My T they love it . This story of Try MY T began with a need. The rest of my story is history in the making.

This is me in my element!

This is me in my element!



School Project

This project was for a final exam in my sculpture class. We were told to use plaster. I made an installation of 50 different World War I helmets which depicts a different injury suffered by the soldier and plastered the floor to give the helmets an environment of a snow-like battlefield.